Jenna T.

Submitted 01/12/21
My experience with Dr Eden was absolutely wonderful. She is kind thoughtful & knowledgeable. She was easy to talk to and responsive to my concerns…I am so grateful to have found her!! I highly recommend Dr Eden!

Cynthia P.

Submitted 01/10/21
Dr. Eden is a very caring and proficient health care provider. When I am in her office I never get the sense of being rushed. She takes time to listen to my concerns. The treatment that she prescribed for me was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend her to any patient in need of her care.

Marina S.

Submitted 09/20/20
My experience was wonderful! Dr Eden is very knowledgeable in my area of concern (HRT), and I am very happy to have her since it’s very difficult to find a good HRT specialist. I will be relying on her expertise. She is very efficient, professional and personable. Zero wait time. Her staff, Annette, is great too – very friendly and helpful. I strongly recommend her

Stephanie C.

Submitted 07/30/20
I can not recommend Dr. Eden enough! I have been going to her for 16 years. She is an incredibly compassionate doctor who clearly has a female’s well-being and autonomy at the core of her work. Dr. Eden is personable, consistently providing medical care that is specific to your needs. Any time I have called into the office for matters other than making an appointment, I received a prompt response. Another testament to Dr. Eden’s character is her staff. They, too, are incredibly welcoming and helpful!

Michele M.

Submitted 07/29/20
Dr. Eden has been my gynecologist for years. She is caring, thoughtful and incredibly competent. I have recommended her to all of my friends and they have had lovely experiences as well. I can’t sing her praises enough!

G M.

Submitted 07/29/20
Dr. Eden is an incredible doctor and advocate for her patients. I never feel rushed when I see her and feel like she always takes the time to answer my questions. She is compassionate and extremely thorough. I trust her completely.

Alexis W.

Submitted 07/29/20
I have been a patient of Dr. Eden’s for over 20 years. She has delivered both of my kids! She is extremely personable and kind. I have never felt rushed as this is her own practice, you will only see her.

Judith S.

Submitted 07/25/20

Courtney R.

Submitted 03/14/20
I’ve been going Dr. Eden for many years. She is very thorough and takes her time with each patient. She is kind and has a great bedside manner. Would highly recommend!

Nina G.

Submitted 11/24/19
Always sensitive and thorough! I totally trust her

Maria M.

Submitted 10/28/19
DR. Eden has been my Dr. for over 12 years. She is extremely thorough and has an amazing bedside manner. She really cares about her patients. I trust her 100%. She is invaluable.

Maria B.

Submitted 10/25/19
Dr Eden is the most caring doctor I have ever met, always considerate, never rushed and most knowledgeable!

Yana B.

Submitted 10/16/19
Dr eden is an amazing doctor…she’s professional compassionate and really takes the time to explain and answer any questions…she doesn’t take most insurances but she’s worth the money

Karen R.

Submitted 07/04/19
I’ve never had a more caring, medically astute, and thorough doctor, than Elizabeth Eden!

L B.

Submitted 05/02/19
Nine months ago I was diagnosed with lichen sclerosus, a condition I had never heard of, but which can cause painful sex, scarring, and an increased cancer risk. It was spotted by a physical therapist that I was visiting to try to deal with painful intercourse issues. Thankfully, she advised me to seek out a gynecologist that has a specialization in this condition because many doctors are completely ignorant about it. I was very fortunate that I found Dr. Eden, who has very successfully helped me to get this condition under control. She is a very intelligent, thoughtful, and sensitive doctor, and takes plenty of time to address all of my questions and concerns. She understands that women can be traumatized by years of painful sex, and is as gentle and unintrusive in her exams as possible. I am happy to say that following the course of therapy she has recommended has allowed me to resume normal sexual relations, which had become impossible due to the lichen sclerosus. It is a bit frustrating having to get insurance to reimburse me for appointment costs (they won’t cover the laser treatments), but I think it is worth the cost and effort to have a doctor that I have so much confidence in. Highly recommend.

K C.

Submitted 04/11/18
Dr. Eden has been following my care for over three years. I’m so grateful for her wonderful care. Not only has she been absolutely clear and thorough, professional and punctual; she is also warm and kind, generous and thoughtful. She has help me weather, with grace, many changes that my body has undergone during peri-menopause and menopause. I am always armed with all the information I need to make decisions and choices about my gynecological health. (Frankly, I often have much to share with my close friends on this score simply because their doctors are not nearly as clear and thorough with them. Through Dr. Eden, I’m simply better educated about what’s happening in my body than most women in their forties and fifties. There is much to know and it’s so great to have a doctor willing to spend the time to explain it fully and field your questions.) I also have to share that I’m forever grateful that Dr. Eden encouraged me to try MonaLisa Touch. The complications I was having due to changes in my body chemistry were making sex miserable for me or just impossible. MonaLisa Touch was literally a miraculous cure! It’s an investment I’m so delighted I made and so glad she encouraged me to try it. No meds. No hormones. No messy creams. It’s a miracle. It’s clear to me that my comfort and the enjoyment of my life and a sense of vitality in my life and work and marriage have been of primary concern to Dr. Eden. My annual exams have become a touchstone for my health overall because Dr. Eden follows your health in such a comprehensive way. She is practicing real medicine and frankly, in many ways, she stands alone for the care she gives. I have been so impressed with the care I’ve received over the years and I think it’s truly rare to find a physician as deeply skilled.

Sasha S.

Submitted 03/07/18
5 years ago Dr. Eden is great. She doesn’t take any insurance, but they give you a form that you can send to your insurance company for cash back. She is kind, caring, and gentle, and has a sense of humor. Sometimes you have to wait for a long time in the waiting room but it’s because she takes the time to be careful, answer all her patient’s questions and make sure she covers everything that they need. She is fairly expensive but she’s worth it! And you get most of the money back with the insurance forms. I recommend this doctor.

Liz C.

Submitted 03/07/18
3 months ago I’ve been going to Dr. Eden for over 20 years as my gynecologist and obstetrician (I have one son) — she is special beyond words. Dr. Eden is a brilliant doctor who is kind, compassionate, patient and honest. She is thorough, thoughtful and incredibly generous with her time (I can’t stress that enough!). Dr. Eden has guided me through different life stages and emotional ups and downs; I’m so grateful for her practical nature, wisdom and guidance. She is also really funny — and a great sense of humor comes in very handy! I don’t know what I do without Dr. Eden. I trust her implicitly; she is truly one of a kind.

Joyce S.

Submitted 03/07/18
Dr. Eden is truly an amazing doctor. Her warm personality and truly caring nature is a rare find.. i highly recommend her..